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Ambassador H.E. Pichkhun Panha Joined Candle Offering and Vassa Ceremony at Kururatthakhemararam

Inside Buddhist Shrine, Cambodian Monastery in New Delhi, 10 July 2017.

New Delhi: We were blessed to successfully hold the Candle Offering and Vassa Ceremony (Chol Preah Vosa) at Kururatthakhemararam (Wat Khmer New Delhi) where three venerable monks are maintaining Vaasa for the three monks. The function was conducted in accordance to Khmer Buddhist tradition on July 10, 2017. 

This function was made possible by the grand Saddha (belief) of Ambassador H.E. Pichkhun Panha, his family and embassy staffs. They were devotedly offering the candles and other prerequisite materials to the venerable monks.

Moreover, they were blessed by Dhammadesana exhorted by venerable Bhikkhu Chan Dary, a PhD candidate at University of Delhi. He briefly traced the history of Vassa and its importances for Buddhist monks. As usual, he praised H.E. Pichkhun Panha for his eagerness to learn Buddhism through Dhamma talks, and his enduring Saddha in Buddhism. To impress him and the audience, Dhamma talker then cited Buddhagatha (Buddha's verse) from Dhammapada as following: 

Punnance puriso kayira kayira nam punappunam
tamhi chandam kayiratha sukho punnassa uccayo. 

If a man does what is good, he should do it again and again;
he should take delight in it; the accumulation of merit leads to happiness.

Vassa Ceremony or Chol Preah Vosa in Khmer is a traditional Buddhist ceremony marking the beginning of the three month rain retreat during which monks have to stay in the sima or boundary of the monastery and are committed to rigorous religious practices such meditation, praying and reading religious texts.

Buddhist devotees are obligatory to provide supports to Buddhist monks the monastery near to the house. They will gain good rewards as somehow monks are said to be purified during this period than normal period given their rigour religious practice.

With the power accumulated from this merits, may we be happy, prosperous, healthy, and wealthy. May all beings be free from mental and physical sufferings. May all rejoice the Punnakusal (merits) with us. 

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