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Former Indian Amb. to Cambodia H.E. Dinesh K. Patnaik's Insightful Talks Part II

II-Cambodia's Global Dialogue "Democracy and Development" 2014

Review of Dialogue

Before I am going to write in to review the dialogue so that you can both watch the clip and read the text at your convenience, let me be very clear that Dr. Sok Phanna is a government official, thus his arguments often show his favour of the government and because of his economic background, he repeatedly presses upon the economic development in priority, and that everything (like human rights, corruption etc.) will follow.

H. E. Patnaik, on the other hand, is the ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Cambodia, who represents the relations between the two countries, and he is quite well aware that he is speaking on the government controlled television and the topic of discussion is very sensitive at time being. Yet, to me, he successfully maintains his independent stance as regard to the topic and the stream of discussion. He is flexible in his argument with his counterpart. 

One thing I have noted, is that, of the two recorded dialogues only one on Democracy and Development could be found on Dr. Sok Siphanna Youtube Channel where he uploaded all round 100 clips of his dialogues with many other guests, except the two with H. E. Dinesh. It tells you something, doesn't it? I found the first clip on an Indian native's Youtube Channel who lives in Cambodia, and this second one here found his channel. I downloaded both clips from those Channels and uploaded to my own Channel for safety and easiness to embed to the blog.

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