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Delhi Dialogue 9: Vote of Thanks

Cambodian Delegates at the Delhi Dialogue 9, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, July 5, 2017. Photo KNT Diary

New Delhi (05 July 2017): I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to H.E. Ambassador of Cambodia to New Delhi for his facilitation and permission for us to participate in the prestigious, official Delhi Dialogue IX: Charting Course India-ASEAN Relations, at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi on July 5. Frankly speaking, we were impressed with H.E. Ambassodor’s friendliness and humbleness, and his active missions for the nation made us proud of him.
During the dialogue, we had a chance to interact with various eminent persons, scholars and academia from India and ASEAN. And we were delighted to have met Cambodian delegates including Dr Udom, young Rector of Zaman University, who is a long time friend on FB friend list, though rarely interacted.
Also thank Masterji, venerable Dr Sovanratana, for his successful proposal made to H.E. Ambassador without which we could not have joined this grand event. I am personally novice to such an event which is practically called a Track 1.5 Diplomacy referring to a meeting of both government and non-government delegates. There's much more to learn from this high profile gathering of the academicians, professionals, businessmen and government officials.

Mr Bunthorn and Ma’am Prof. Shankari Sundararaman
It had been noticed that a number of Cambodian delegates were greater than other countries’, except the host’s, probably.
“Ma’am and Her Pupil”

I’ve never felt matured enough academically when I meet her. We met in coincidence at the Delhi Dialogue IX, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi; 5 July 2017. She is a professor and Chairperson of (my) Centre for Indo Pacific Studies, School of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi. She is well versed in Regional Security in Southeast Asia with special interests in Cambodia and Indonesia.
As Prof. Shankari Sundararaman often appears in the such a high profile meeting, here in the Delhi Dialogue 9, she talked on the topic: Dynamics of Change in India-Southeast Relations: Beyond Economics to Strategic Partnership.

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