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India as I Knew It: Education, Culture, and Tourism

Since the ancient time, India had been a source of advanced centre of leaning that was attractive to foreign scholars, intellectuals and pilgrims to come to India. In Khmer Lakhon or Drama, we always hear that while a prince grew up he would have to leave the royal palace to take advanced studies with scholars at Varanasi or Takkasila, which was then ancient India.

Such a practice seems to have laid down to these days, where there are lots of foreign students have been pursuing their higher education at various universities in India both by scholarships and self-financing. This video clip provides a brief introduction to eduction, culture, and tourism in India.

Claimant: India as I Knew It: Education, Culture, and Tourism

This video was recored at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, in July 2017, with a mobile camera video recorder. As requested by a friend who worked for Indian's Embassy in Phnom Penh, it was intended for India's Republic Day sport to be displayed in Phnom Penh. The programme was canceled. So it appears here on Youtube. First ever self-recorded video clip!
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