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Five Cambodian Students Selected for India-ASEAN Youth Summit 14-9 August 2017, Bhopal, MP

We are pleased to know that five Cambodian students, who have been residing in India for studies, have been selected and sponsored to participate in India-ASEAN Youth Summit 14th to 19th August 2017, Bhopal, MP, thanks to World Organisation of Students and Youth (WOSY), Banaras Chapter that extended an invitation to us.

Interestingly, at this summit, we will be interacting with about 100 delegates from the 10 ASEAN member countries, and of course, Indian, the host country. It has been informed that Mr Hun Many, President of Cambodian Youth Leagues, and CNRP representative(s) are among the delegates from Cambodia.

It is therefore impressive that India is taking a balance position in regarding invitations to the ruling parties (Govt) and the opposition parties especially from countries like Cambodia. The democratic dimension of Indian diplomacy is very much relevant here and should be advancing further. 

This stand has been supported by Indian scholars particularly Prof SD Muni. We are looking forward to participating in this important event for the development of India and ASEAN relations to a higher plane.

MP or Madhya Pradesh (រដ្ឋមធ្យប្រទេស) is located in the heart of India. Tourist promotion of this state is “Hindustan Ka Dil Dekho” or “See the heart of India”. Its Ashokan-era Buddhist stupa of Sanchi is one of the tourists’ attractive destinations in India. Watch the tourism promotional songs of Madhya Pradesh.

Recently, Bhopal has emerged as the cleanest city in India, and one of the 100 smart city projects launched by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

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