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A Brief Fire Broke Out at a House Rent in Safdarjung where one Cambodian stays, New Delhi

People outside the burning house
New Delhi – A brief fire broke out at a house rent in Safdarjung (Green Park), New Delhi, at 09:30 PM on 15 August 2018 (Independence Day of India). One Cambodian, Mr. Horn Hong, who stays in the building was safe, though he had to evacuate through the fire which caused by gas cylinder explosion.

The explosion happened just in front of his room on the ground floor outside the house where a family of the house cleaner occupies. He was in the room when the fire broke out. He, then, was terribly and immediately evacuating the room as the smoke was spreading into his room. He got a slight burn on area of his belly. All residents, mostly employees who stay there on rent, were evacuated safely. The house is owned by Mr Lalit Kumar.

Firefighters arrived at the spot in time and successfully extinguished the fire. Neither live casualty nor serious injure is informed or reported. In mean time, police is calculating the costs of damages to the house and the residents.

In his panic, Hong called his friend who stays in the hostel of Jawaharlal Nehru University, some 4 km away from his place, who immediately arrived at the spot. He took some necessary stuff along with him, and left for JNU with his friend where he spends his overnight(s).

Hong is currently an employee working for a Delhi-based company as a Khmer language expert and staying at that house rent since September 2017. His working contract is going to end after ten days after which, with no renewal, he is going back home. 

Sorry for the dark video as it was filmed in the situation as such.

Burning scenes taken in the next morning

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