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Ambassador Dinesh K. Patnaik: Cambodian Youth are the Future of the Country

The Message or Advice for the Young Cambodian People

H. E. Dinesh K. Patnaik sees the sparkling future of Cambodia to be decided by the awakening younger generation. He says:

Cambodia is a great country. I mean, for me it is one year that I have been here, I have seen how wonderful Cambodia is, full of wonderful people. Cambodia will have a great future. The young people have shown their willing to take the future into the hand. They are the future of the country.

With the above cited potential that Cambodian youths have, he further gives the following message suggesting young people to see what the country needs:

The country needs both stability as well as growth, needs stability and availability of resources, the needs for the young people to take the challenges, to grasp the future and to keep it into the hand, and it is up to you, the young people, to decide what the country is going to be.

In short, as H. E. Dinesh observed closely the youth participation in politics as seen since the 2013 elections period, he sees "Khmer Spring" as a potential for the future of Cambodian development. He has faith in these young people.

However, they need to be guided to the right way. By the right way, he means that youth should be encouraged and trained to become an entrepreneur; not to concentrate only on becoming an accountant or banker. In other words, he fully supports the "Change".
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