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Beautiful Songs For Buosneak Part-B

Best Collections For Buosneak

Part-I https://youtu.be/w5dt2JcQY9o

1. Lea Tov Buos (Sman Chai)
2. Neak Kom Prea (Song Seng)
3. Bon Buos (Neang Khema)
4. Buos Rien Na Bang ( Kantrum Khmer Surin)
5. Buos Chum Nuos Me (Kantrum Khmer Surin)
6. Preah Kun Puk-Me (Kantrum Khmer Surin)
7. Bradav Neak (Kantrum Khmer Surin)
8. Buos Song Kun Mday (Jen Sai Jai)
9. Buos Song Kun (Tokta Sala Chai)
10. Lea Tov Buos (Song Seng)
11. Lea Neang Tov Buos (Song Seng)
12. Tum Pek Kru Sut (Song Seng)
13. Antet Sik Thmey (Khmer Surin)

Part-II https://youtu.be/c0bMusYxVME

1. He Neak Tov Buos (Noy Vannet + Touch Sunix)
2. Buos Song Kun Mday (Eoun Sreymom)
3. Sombur Meas (Sin Sisamuth)
4. Lea Bong Tov Buos (Sat Sereyyang)
5. Sang Phnuos Chus Oun (Sin Sisamuth)
6. Sang Phnuos Leang Kamma (Sin Sisamuth)
7. Sang Phnuos Pross Me (Mea Monyreach)
8. Sa-Ek Nis Bang Buos (Noy Vannet)
9. Angkuli Meal (Eang Sithul)
10. Buos Chea Daunji (Touch Sunix)
11. Chivit Preah Song Trung Sasna (Noy Vannet)
12. Chivit Neak Nuos (Chheoun Uddom)
13. Sarikar Chak Phnuos (Eang Sithul)
14. Sik Huos Pross Sne (Heng Bunleab)
15. Tom Pek Kru Sut (Keo Sarath)
16. Sne Te Antet (Eoun Sreymom)
17. Sne Nak Antet (Chaum Chor Pum + Uk Narim)
18. Cham Rieng No ning Pich (Eung Nary + Pen Ran)

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