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International Yoga Day: India's Cultural Diplomacy in Cambodia

In recent years, it has been the transformation of India's foreign policy from Look East to Act East and the neighbourhood policy under Modi administration. This administration, which came to power in 2014, attempts to upgrade Indian image on the international stage.

As the rising power in global politics, India has invested seriously in its soft power. Cultural diplomacy has become the foreign policy tool for India to project its soft power to world, particularly, to Southeast Asia, the region that was under Indian deep influence in the past millennium.

To this end, India has invested in Yoga, sort of physical, healthy exercise, which was first adopted in New Delhi in 2014 as 'The International Day of Yoga' and many parts of the world. Subsequently, IDY is help annually by Indian missions abroad in corporation with local government bodies.

IYD celebration is seen as the India's soft power projection and the economic interest accumulated from startups such as Yoga club.

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