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Khmer Songs but Indian Music, Karaoke (9 Songs): the Influence of Indian Bollywood

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Music Playlist

00:00:00 Vil Vinh Hery Sne Snong (Dara Rey Meas Band)
00:04:19 Kramom Reus Bdey (Nary + Ridh)
00:07:35 Vil Vinh Hery Bong (Suon Chantha)
00:11:56 Ram Leng Chang Vak India (Jivan Suy)
00:16:19 Sralanh Oun Punna (Munirath)
00:21:24 Kom Brathna (Meng Keopichenda)
00:27:15 Sne Chea You (Him Sivon)
00:31:48 Anh Ching Reu Sne (Him Sivon)
00:37:47 Merl Chos Te Kom Sralanh (Him Sivon)

This is the special collection of 'Khmer Songs but Indian Music, Karaoke'. These songs are sung by popular Cambodian singers such Him Sivorn, Keng Keopichenda, Jivan Suy etc. The lyric is obviously in Khmer but the music is originally Indian music. It is quite popular among the dancers and karaoke singers.

India and Cambodia, of course, have a long historical and cultural linkage. Indian culture had a deep influence on Cambodian society and culture. The Khmer or Cambodian ancestors had adopted or rejected if contrast to the local some elements of Indian culture for the development of Khmer civilisation reaching a peak during the Khmer Empire.

Indian songs and Bollywood movies had been very popular in the 1990s before the influx of Thai's. On the TV screen, we often watched Indian movies acted by the then famous stars like Ravi (Amitabh Bachchan) Ramoan, Krishna etc. thanks to the cosy relationship between Cambodia and India.

It should be noted that India was the first non-communist country to recognise the People's Republic of Kampuchea (PRK, 1979-1991) under Heng Samrin-Hun Sen leadership.

However, till 2003 anti-Thai riot, the free influx of Thai movies at that time had pushed Indian Bollywood including Khmer movies aside for many years.

Nowadays, Indian films have entered the Cambodian market in good standing again. Some Cambodian TVs screen Bollywood movies and TV serial movies which are dubbed in Khmer. At the same time, some Productions have adopted Indian music to the favour of the local audience.

One of the Indian music characteristics we often feel is the sound of the drum. It is laughable that 'Ting Khtum Chruk' is the sound which became a joke making word in Cambodia popularised by Mr Prohm Manh, the legend of Achay Chlong Chlery, with his best partner Mrs Yeay Yory.

Most popular among the selected songs here is 'Kromam Reus Bdey' which was early sung by Ms Pen Ran and Im Sung Seoum in the 1960s or 1970s. It has been re-sung by many Cambodian singers in the present day. It was included in one Khmer movie released in the 1990s making it even more popular among Cambodian audience.

Embedded video above is the playlist of the collected songs. Hope you enjoy them. Do not forget to like, share and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Thank you.
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