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Kounkat Beysas - Sin Sisamuth & Pen Ran

Kounkat Beysas (Daughter of three origins) - Sin Sisamuth & Pen Ran

Meanings in English (Unofficial)

I - (M) Looking at your eyes, they look like Indian’s (Kalinga); With these big eyes, if you’re Indian, why you can speak Khmer. 

(F) Go, go, neh! Don’t woo me, I don’t accept that; Neh! neh! Don’t follow me. 

II - (M) What nationality you are. Looking so fair like cotton, are you haft-Chinese or haft-French? 

(F) Go away! Go away! Why do you ask me that much; With such disgusted face, why you try to ask me even I don’t reply. 

R - (M) I want to know that, please don’t get angry my dear; please tell me what nationalities are yours; how many nationalities you have, it’s strange and I’ve never seen before. (F) (laughing) 

(M) Why are you laughing at me instead?
III - ( F) I have a half nationality; look at my face and mouth, I have three-mixed nationalities. 
(M) Oh, darling, what are those nationalities that are yours. 
(F) Please look at me carefully, I am French-Chinese-and-Khmer.
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