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Kramom India & Romleng Changvak India Karaoke Songs

Kramom India & Romleng Changvak India Video Karaoke

1-Kramom India
2-Ram Leng Chang Vak India

These two karaoke songs are selected as they are related to India. ‘Kramom India’ or ‘Indian girl’, originally sung by Khmer oldies Meas Hokseng, consists of a fun story about a man’s dream. Composed in the 1960s, the song has a meaningful lyric which is described below:

When he was sleeping last night he dreamt about an Indian girl who's beautiful and slim. She was walking like an angel with a beautiful white dress. As soon as he saw her he felt nervous likely under her spell.

Suddenly, she looked and smiled at me that made me surprised. Being nervous as well as happy, he thought that it was good luck.

He approached her and was about to confess his love for her, but she walked out and ignored him; he was so embarrassed. It’s good for him that that was a just dream.

The second karaoke song is entitled ‘Ramvonv Changvak India’ or ‘Dancing along with Indian musical rhythm’. It is a comedy-like song sung by Jivan Suy, who is also a Khmer comedian.

Please enjoy these two songs. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos. Thank you.

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