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Kramom India - Meas Hokseng

Kramom India [Indian Lady]
by Meas Hokseng

Meanings in English

1. When I was sleeping last night I dreamt about an Indian girl who's beautiful and slim.
2. She was walking like an angel with a beautiful white dress. As soon as I saw her I felt nervous likely under her spell.
3. Suddenly, she looked and smiled at me that made me surprised. Being nervous as well as happy, I thought that it was a good luck.
4. I approached her and was about to confess my love for her, but then she walked out and ignored me; I was so embarrassed.
Repeat (1-4) times
End: I was so embarrassed.


It seems a new song for because for those who have never heard it before. How about Indian girl in reality? 

All cute except who are not. 😀 It seems in the 60s Khmer concept of beauty was indianised in the sense, we often referred to India or Kalinga/Kling when we described about a girl’s beauty. But nowadays such a description has shifted to the Chinese, Korea or at least Thai.

"yes, Indian has many times influence on Khmer- first since the conception of Noko Khmer and especially during the 1950s Indian dancing was impressing Cambodian through movies. In 1990s, when I was young I loved watching Indian movies as well" – one Facebook user commented.

He's so right. Australian historian David Chandler says even in the colonial period, Khmer was still much Indianised particularly in term of how they dressed. In the 90s, Indian influence had re-appeared in the Khmer films but soon washed away by the influx of Thai movies. Back then, Indian Bollywood actors like Ramon (aka legend Amitabh Bachchan) was very popular and famous among the audience.

"In many ways that we were and are influenced by India counting from tradition to culture." – one Facebook user added.
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