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ICCR Summer Camp 2015

ICCR Summer Camp 2015, Delhi/Chandigarh/Amritsar/Dalhouslie/Chamba/Dharamshala/Delhi 25th May 2015 to 2nd June 2015 Heartfelt thanks to ICCR for organising this wonderful, memorable tour. It was a great experience to see diverse tourist places in India with many participants from different countries.

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and cooperation during the tour. Hope this video recall their memory of the tour and backup it to a safe place. Space and time have changed but memory of the past remains and is remade. 

However, we are so sorry that this video was recorded by private camera(s), and hence it was not able to capture all their lovely face and activity. But indeed it included almost all events happened during the trip. Hope everyone enjoys watching the video.
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