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Popular Kantrum Rock Khong Khoy, 2017

Popular Kantrum Rock Khong Khoy 2017

Khmer Surin singer, Khong Khoy, is very famous among Khmer Kampuchea and Khmer Surin. These songs are often played in various parties and entrainment events in Cambodia.

This collection is taken from a concert he performed in Buriram province of Thailand in 2017. Some of his songs have been produced for Town Production based in Phnom Penh.

Hope you enjoy this special concerted songs by Mr Khong Khoy. Please like, share and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Thank you.

1. Bot Thvay Kru [
00:00:00] 2. Sronoss Khluon Kamsot [00:01:55] 3. Banh Kangkeb Trang [00:05:36] 4. Chang Ban Brapoun Barang [00:09:14] 5. Peak Av Min Del Khernh Doss [00:13:04] 6. Ma Srok Mean Muoy [00:17:22] 7. Sdach Robos Mae [00:21:00] 8. Kromom Srok Na [00:24:14] 9. Orn Khlang Maless [00:27:52] 10 Mae Lek Muoy [00:31:42] 11 Removed [00:35:36]
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