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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Beautiful Kantrum Sman Chai

Sman Chai is a Khmer Surin singer. He is a legend. He sings many, many songs during his entire career. Here, we present the best collection of Kantrum boran that rocks.

Kantrum is Khmer traditional music which could be traced to a thousand years back. Now it is the identity of Khmer people who live in Surin, Buriram and Sisaket provinces of Thailand. Kantrum boran also now mixed with modern music making it more beautiful and enjoyable.

Though Khmer Kantrum seems to be less popular in Surin these days, it becomes more popular in Cambodia. We can see in most dancing parties or DJ, Kantrum is always played for people to dance along.

Many new songs have been composed in Kantrum style and sung during most Khmer ceremonies such as wedding party, Khmer New Year and so on.

Here enjoy the 12 selected Khmer Surin Kantrum songs by the Khmer Surin legendary Sman Chai. Hope you enjoy them. Please like, share and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Thank you.


1. Sman Chai Lam Serng [00:00:00
2. Hel Jivit [00:06:28
3. Ramvong Tov Wat [00:11:34
4. Chang Chab Sosai [00:16:14
5. Pouch Khlei [00:20:27
6. Bat Chung Bat Derm [00:24:46
7. Bong Komloss Leng Phleng [00:29:03
8. Motor Thur Thlai [00:33:03
9. Kru Sen Thum [00:35:49
10. Mok Thver Bon [00:40:47
11. Kamm Pass Tuk [00:45:18
12. Chao Srey Mean Tuk [00:50:22]

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