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Wonderful Musical Performance | the 62nd Dhammachakka Anupavattan Day of 2018 | JNU

JNU Students who follow Buddhism and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar celebrated the 62nd Dhammachakka Anupavattan Day of 2018 at JNU Convention Centre. Really entertained their wonderful musical performance. Read the invitation text below for information: 

‘Atta Deep Bhava’ is the call for that reasoned conscience which incessantly works for the welfare and happiness of all beings. Independent of all the external illusional mirages, it is the Samyak guiding light on the path of Righteousness. 

This 62nd Dhammachakka Anupavattan Day of 2018, we invite you all to be a part of our musical evening celebrating enlightenment. Like always, this time too, we are introducing new thematic compositions of various genres, including those of Nanak & Kabeer. Also joining us with a Rap Performance will be a group of very talented boys from Amravati, Maharashtra. 

In the celebration of the empowering ideas of all the Buddhas until now, lets together give a push to the Wheel of Moral Law through Music. Save the date and please mark your gracious presence. 

4th October, 
Convention Center, 
JNU, New-Delhi. 

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