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Buddha Vihar, Munirka, New Delhi

Buddha Vihar or Budh Vihar Park is located in front of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Munirka, New Delhi. It used to be a place of various Buddhist activities.

Buddha Images, idols and Buddhist flag are placed all over the Vihar compound. But there is no resident (kuti) for monks to stay. It’s sad that, some years ago, it has been converted to a parking lot instead of a Buddhist centre catering to thousands of devotees who could gain loads of knowledge from it. 

The board shows that it has been registered under Buddhist Society of India. As it is a place of worship, it should not be used for private or other purposes. It will be good for Buddhist if the Vihar is reconstructed and renovated into a resident temple where Buddhist monks can stay and provide Buddhist religious service to the people from different places in Delhi.

Namo Buddhay
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