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Master Kong Nay: Wonderful Chapey Dang Veng Musician

Master Kong Nay | Wonderful Chapei Dong Veng | Playlist

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Track01 [00:00:00] Ampov Neav Rok Paoun Kal Samai Pol Pot [Looking for a brother lost in Pol Pot era]
Track02 [00:03:31] Pkor Lorn Khet Srey Rieng [Thunder Sound in Srey Rieng]
Track03 [00:07:54] Sastrey Mearyeat Onn [Women with Indecent Virtue]
Track04 [00:12:36] Sronoss Domrey [Sad about Elephant]
Track05 [00:17:08] Kmeng Ilov Ning Kmeng Chumnorn Chas [Children in the old and new era]
Track06 [00:22:40] Oun Mean Thmey Min Prab Bong Pong [You have a new guy why you didn't tell me]
Track07 [00:28:42] Sronoss Bangkong Ka-Ek [Sad about Crow Roost]
Track08 [00:34:55] Pipornea Pi Bhum Srok [Narrating the Villages and Districts]

Kong Nay

Kong Nay was born in 1946 in Krong Kampot, Cambodia. He is a Cambodian musician who plays the Chapey Dang Veng. He is one of relatively few great masters to have survived the Khmer Rouge era, and is known as the "Ray Charles of Cambodia".

In his 73 year old with his trademark dark glasses, he is perhaps the most famous Chapey player globally. He is always in demand for Cambodian cultural events and is regularly appearing on Cambodian television.

He received the 2017 Fukuoka Arts and Culture Prize presented by the city of Fukuoka and the Fukuoka City International Foundation (formerly The Yokatopia Foundation) to honour the outstanding work of individuals or organisations in preserving or creating Asian culture. In the same year, received Gold Grand Cross of Cambodia Cultural Reputation by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Blinded by smallpox at the age of four, Kong Nay began his studies on the Chapey Dang Veng lute at thirteen. Chapey, named after the musical instrument, is a traditional form of improvised song-making that is often compared to American Delta Blues.

During the Khmer Rouge genocide, he was one of the few surviving bards like Prach Chhoun because they were both blind.
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