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Big Wong Restaurant where Cambodian Style Dish Available

Big Wong is one the luxurious, AC restaurants in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi (foreign embassies area), not far from JNU campus. Big Wong is one of the very few restaurants in Delhi where Cambodian style food is available. Try it out, foodies.

Bing Wong is a Chinese restaurant. It has a variety of cuisines which includes most of the Southeast Asian foods. Interestingly, Cambodian Style Curry is also found on its menu. It is my first to see that and it impresses me a lot.

The Cambodian Style Curry provides foodies with two options sliced chicken or lamb in coconut milk based curry; flavoured with shrimp pasts, curry leaves, lemon leaf and lemongrass. The base price is Rs. 500 for chicken curry and Rs. 600 for lamb curry. I have tried it and if I have to rate its authenticity, it tastes more than 80% like Khmer food. It is a bit salty, as usual for food in India and coconut is a bit over than it is required. It is worth to try, however. I told all this to the waiter and thanked him for making Khmer or Cambodian food available on the restaurant's menu.

Beside Cambodian style food, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian foods and a lot more are also available at Big Wong. You can dine-in at the restaurant or order online via its website or from food apps like Swiggy or Zomato.

If you find any other restaurants where Cambodian food style is available, please leave your comment below. I wanna try it. Thanks for reading and watch the video clip.
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