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Degree Attestation: The 3 Steps Process for Delhi only, Application Form Included

Degree Attestation | The 3 Steps Process | New Delhi

Why attestation is required and what does it mean? What is the process (of educational documents attestation)? Who attest these documents? Watch the video to get clear answers.

If your degree is issued by the university in an Indian state other than New Delhi, please read find further information at MEA website at https://mea.gov.in/apostille.htm.

Nevertheless, the process is exactly the same as described in the video; the only difference is locations (HRD at the state level) and agencies (also available in many states).

For the fee for education certificates: Rs.50 Postal Order (HRD), and Rs.18 for MEA agency (increased from Rs. 18 to Rs. 93 as of 08/01/2019) per document.

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Click here to download the application form.

Must Read

Authentication of Certificate/Diploma/Degree Issued by the Indian Boards/Universities/Government Bodies Located at Delhi Only

HRD Web-site:

Application Receiving Time: 09:30 AM to 1.00 PM

Authenticated Document Returning Time: 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Documents required for authentication with the application form

1-One passport size photo affix on application.

2-Postal order of Rs. 50/- per certificate/diploma/degree etc in Favour of Director of Education Govt. N.C.T. of Delhi.

3-Original certificate/diploma/degree etc. with two photocopies of each (both side).

4-All original mark sheets (with two photocopies of each).

5-For PhD Degree original notification letter from the concerned university (with one photocopy).

6-Original passport (with one photocopy) (if the application is staying abroad, the photocopies of the relevant pages duly attested/certified by the respective Indian mission (photocopy) post only be accepted.

7-For Job Purpose:-

Purpose & Requirement for which authentication of a document is required should be cleared/mentioned in the original offer/appointment letter received from.

The employer to be shown and a photocopy is to be attached with the application form (if received by mail enclose the copy of mail with attachment).

8-For Higher Education:-

Original confirmation/call letter received from the university/board should be shown & copy attached along with application form (if received by mail enclose the copy of mail with attachment), fee slip & I.D. Card.

9-In case of doctors/nurses/pharmacists required showing the original valid registration certificate and enclosing a photocopy of the registration certificate.

10-Original certificate/diploma/degree will be returned and when verification report received from the concerned university/board/institution. In case, fake certification/degree/diploma is presented, the fake certificates will be seized and action will be taken against all concerned.

Check List

1.Postal Order (Rs. 50/-, Each Document).
2.Application Form.
3.Copy of Passport with Original.
4.Copy of Offer Letter (if received by mail, copy mail with attachment).
5.Copy of Mark Sheet / Notification / Registration (Back to Back two copies).
6.Original Degree / Diploma
7.Copy of original degree/diploma (back to back two copies).
8.All photocopy attest.

Note: Lamination to be removed from the backside of Certificate (degree/diploma).

*If you apply for document authentication on behalf of someone else, you have to write an application with your details and that of the concerned person and get it certified by your embassy (the concerned person's embassy) in India by mentioning few lines that you are working on behalf of Mr/Ms. It may be called 'letter of authorisation'.

Application receiving time from 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM.

Authentication will be done only after receiving the verification from the concerned university/institution.

Degree / diploma collection time 3.30. PM to 4.30 PM.

Read or Download the Instruction below:

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