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INA Market: Cambodians’ Most Visited Market in New Delhi

This market is popular among Cambodians who stay or come to Delhi on their pilgrimage. It is a food bazaar (market) that sells everything that is needed for Asian / Cambodian dishes. Imported products are overwhelmingly available here. Thai fish source, seafood, meats, sticky rice, all types of vegetables, spices etc. are available. However, this market is congested and not so clean in comparison to Big Bazaar in luxurious malls. 

International services such as Western Union, Money Gram are available at INA. It is also a popular place for money exchange and costumers find it more profitable in comparison to other exchange market in Delhi.

Most Cambodian people - tourists or resident - do shopping at this market. All in one place, any ingredient for Cambodian recipe can be found. It is easy to access by INA Metro station.

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