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Beautiful Kantrum Sman Chai-Pimpa: Sarikar Sur Mek

Khmer Surin also known in Thai as Khmer descendant, or Khmer meaning "Thai of Khmer origin" (Thai: เชื้อสาย เชื้อสาย เขมร) is a name referring to a Khmer native of the northeast of Thailand. Cambodians have been present in this region at least since the Khmer Empire.

However, with the fall of the Angkor period, the Khmer in the northeast were under the growing Thai influence. In the 18th century, Thailand officially annexed the former province of Khmers. The Khmer inhabitants became de facto subjects of the Thai monarchy and a long process of cultural assimilation began.

Khmer Surin people have preserved their unique culture and tradition. Khmer Surin songs are popular among Cambodians today. Jen Sai Jai, a female Khmer Surin singer, and her partner Mr. Khong Khoy bring Khmer identity to Cambodia in a loving way through Khmer Surin songs. They both sing for Town Production based in Phnom Penh.

Not less so is Sman Chai and Pimpa who usually sing joint songs in more traditional lyric and rhythm called Kantrum Khmer Surin and many wedding songs.

Here, Sman Chai and Pimpa together sing a beautiful Kantrum song called 'Sarikar Sur Mek' or 'Bird walking along the tree branch'. This song is kinda song playing during the wedding day in which both sings are teasing each other.
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