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A Night in Siem Reap | Pub Street

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I visited Siem Reap in January 2019, two weeks after New Year, for A Pious Friend's Wedding Day. Pub Street was very crowed and the street was filled with visitors and tourist. Light with different colours sparked the surrounding area. Sound of music came out loud. People were eating, drinking and being merry. It was a very lively day.

Indeed, a holiday in Siem Reap is incomplete without a night out on the legendary party road of Cambodia - known as Pub Street. It’s Siem Reap's nightlife scene which comprises lively bars, cocktail lounges, international restaurants and vibrant nightclubs that stay open (and busy) until 04:00 every day.

Pub Street is location in the heart of Siem Reap. It is officially titled Street 8. It is the culinary and nightlife hub of Siem Reap – sort of the city's answer to Bangkok's famed Khao San Road. On Pub Street, you'll find an assortment of restaurants and bars, as well as entertaining street performers and some fantastic people watching.

Some may find it over-powering, but if you're looking for where everybody is, then Pub Street it is. Lined with restaurants and bars selling cheap beer and reasonable food. Later on, the music starts thumping and there's often almost a party atmosphere. People watching is free.

If your trip happen to coincide with both the Water Festival and Full Moon Festival or Khmer New Year, consequently, the place is packed and buzzing - especially Pub Street! You will never hear such loud music blaring from massive speakers on a street. It is a great atmosphere and perfect for the partygoers.

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