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Going Home: New Delhi-Phnom Penh

When thinking of going home, it gives us a great feeling. Living abroad for a gap of one year or so makes you definitely homesick. However, travelling across the seas often takes hours to arrive the destination. 

New Delhi-Phnom Penh trip is a 7+ hours long journey via Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok or a 9+ hours long journey vis Kuala Lumpur including transit time, because at the time of writing there is no direct from New Delhi to Phnom Penh. Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways are among the most popular flight for Cambodian.

Check in at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport is time consuming. We have to undergo very strict security check through many layers. Immigration check is often busy with a long queue. Everything you carry on board must be properly scanned including your belt and wallet.

However, after immigration clearance, while walking to the waiting lounge, we will see a beautiful Buddha face blessing our journey to be safe and sound. Never forget to have some clicks of photos here as a memory.

Nevertheless, if we take the flight with departure time at around 10 AM via Bangkok, we will arrive in Phnom Penh International Airport in the evening around 8 PM.
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