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Live Music at V-Friend Koh Pich Lounge, Phnom Penh

Click the screen above to watch the video.

V-Friend Koh Pich Lounge is one of many restaurants with live music located in Koh Pich. It serves fresh, tasty food. Live music by beautiful and handsome singers entertains you while you are having food and drink. However, it is a decent restaurant and everything there is acceptable.

Koh Pich is a new district of Phnom Penh on the rivers Mekong and Bassac. The land was a swamp until the year 2000, but it is now under work and could become the Phnom Penh residential district and a separate municipality. A neighborhood named "Elysée" has a style inspired by Paris.

In recently years, it became a popular place for foodies where many cheap restaurants are available for your choice. After have food and entertaining live music, visitors may go to absorb the fresh air along the river banks. Moreover, there is a play ground for children. Under-umbrella clothes stores are also available for cheap price. The place is attractive for couple and group of friends.

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