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Embassy: Diva-Numbanhchuk Gathering, 9 June

New Delhi (9 June 2019): Royal Embassy of Cambodia in New Delhi and invited Cambodian community in New Delhi were gathering at the Embassy residence for a special Khmer Noodle Day or Diva-Numbanhchuk (Khmer rice vermicelli). Amid political rifts, as called upon by by Royal Government of Cambodia, the event was organised nationwide and at Cambodian embassies abroad signifying national unity, peace and stability. 

Delivering a brief opening speech, Ambassador H.E. Ung Sean said "We don' eat Khmer noodle only today but any day. However, today is an official day that we eat Khmer noodle together regardless class, colour or political tendency. So, we join together to have Khmer noodle today as a symbol of national unity, harmony and fraternity." 

He also told that after 09 June event, Cambodian Ministry of Tourism would consider making application to UNESCO to include Numbanhchuk Khmer in the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Making from rice vermicelli, and traced back to the Khmer popular story of Thakneanhchey, Numbanhchuk is a unique Khmer food which is also considered as Khmer identity. 

Whether the 9 June event of Numbanhchuk can really bring about national unity or not we need to see. Nevertheless, national unity and harmony could better be materialised by ‘political dialogue‘ based on rule of law.
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