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50 Indian Buddhist People Visited Wat Khmer New Delhi on Asalha Puja Day

New Delhi: Wat Khmer New Delhi received about 50 Indian Buddhist devotees on Asalha Puja Day, 16 July 2019/2563. They met with Preah Samanarangsi Tep Vuthy, Head monk of the temple and the one of the Rajagana monks of Cambodian Buddhist Sangha order holding Honorary title.

Preah Samanarangsi led them to perform Asalha Puja ritual in commemorating the special day of Dhamma when Buddha exhorted Dhammacakkappavattanasutta to five ascetics at Deer park, in Sarnath, Varanasi, UP, India. It was this day that Buddhist Sangha community had been established. Indian Buddhist devotees were also blessed with holi water in the temple. 

During their conversation with Preah Samanarangsi, they requested him to open Dhamma and Meditation School in the temple on every Saturday and Sunday for the benefit of Buddhist devotees in Adheria More village, Mehrauli. Their humble request has been enthusiastically approved by Head monk. Hence, this rainy retreat (Vassa) Wat Khmer New Delhi will run a Dhamma class on Saturday and Sunday.

Admission is free for all.
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