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AISA-JNU: Legacy of Our Freedom Fighters by Prof Sucheta Mahajan

In this video:
1-Cultural Performance,
2-Brief Introduction by AISA Activist,
3-Talk by Prof Sucheta Mahajan, CHS
Onwards to 15th August
Azadi Ka Paigam

Lets Remember Those Who Sacrificed Their Lives for the Country's Freedom.

11th August, 1908, A Young Freedom Fighter from Bengal, Khudiram Bose, Embraced the Gallows at the Age of 18. Lets Re-live the Resolve of Young Freedom Fighters Like Khudiram Bose! Defend the Country's Sovereignty against Today's Company Raj! Defeat the Colonial Era Strategy of 'Divide and Rule'! Defend the Constitutional Right of Indians to Question and Protest!

Join us for a Talk
Legacy of Our Freedom Fighters
with Prof Sucheta Mahajan, Faculty CHS,
11th August (today), 5pm, Sabarmati dabha

*Views expressed herewith are not necessarily that of the KNT Diary's.

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