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JNUSU in Solidarity against New Hostel Manual & Hostel Fees Hike

Today, Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) staging admin block shutdown and academic buildings in their rejection of new hostel manual and hostel fees hike. This is a weeks-long struggle. They determine that ‘no calling off university strike until the draft manual is withdrawn’.

They shout slogans such as ‘Azadi’ or ‘Freedom’ at Freedom Square aka admin block.

The hostel fee hike raises the question of India's status as the great power in Asia and the world. "It appals me how a basic right has become so unachievable and unaffordable in this potential 'great power' country of ours as I've been reading in most of the articles for my thesis," said Deepika, PhD student of the Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies, School of International Studies, JNU.

Privatisation of education and public educational institutions has adversely impacted on the marginalised section of society. It is noteworthy that about 40% of JNU students are from the weaker family background. "The corporate loot has been normalised or rather naturalised to such an extent that we are having to go through so much pain and trauma for affordable education!," she added.

JNU is famous for its diverse nature in which the students of different background feel free and equal to one another. Everyone has an opportunity to rise beyond the social and economic boundary. It is the only place in India where less privileged students like Dalits can enjoy the same status as their peer students.

Deepika contended that, "I have always been proud of my University for maintaining its accommodative nature encompassing students from all the sections of society and can't even bear the thought that it won't be possible anymore!"

The student community in JNU regardless of their political affiliation now is in solidarity against the hostel fee hike incorporated the new hostel manual. Hashtags like #freesmustfall #SavePublicEducation etc. are symbolised their strongest demand and irreversible.

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