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Parthasarthy Rocks (PSR): A Romantic Place in JNU

Parthasarthy Rocks, better known as PSR, is a romantic place located in JNU Campus and one of the beautiful places in Delhi. It is said to be the highest point of Delhi and is a ridge area commonly frequented by students.

However, it opens access only to JNU students with a valid ID card. You can visit the PSR with somebody who has a JNU id-card. At the entry gate of PSR, the security guard will ask you to show the student id-card of JNU. Maximum 4 persons are allowed on one identity card.

So if you really want to visit this place, It is better to have with you somebody who is a student of JNU while entering PSR.

PSR is really a nice place. From the clip of it, we can behold the beauty of dense green panorama standing on the ancient rocks of the oldest mountain range of the world. It's a rendezvous place for merrymakers, wanderlusts, couples and also for those people who want to taste the ambrosia of solitude in the lap of pristine nature.

Watch the video to see the beautiful view. Thanks for the support.

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