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Student Community in JNU Stand Against Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019

North East Students' Forum in JNU Protest March, JNU-New Delhi, 11 Dec. 2019.

North East Indian states are in tension. Particularly, Assam is the heart of 7 sisters states of North East India it connects the region to central India. Now it’s burning by Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) recently passed by Indian Lok Sabha (Lower House) which sparked outrage oppositions from many parts of the country.

The bill will give right to citizenship to persecuted migrants who are non-Muslim and have come from neighbouring countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh till December 31, 2014.

The bill however is conductive to the persecuted Buddhist minority (Chakma) from Bangladesh to gain Indian citizenship. 

The people of North East India are very sensitive about demographic dividend in their region. They oppose new comers even from within India to their land. That’s the problem! 

According the MintLongStory, the North East is home to almost 238 indigenous tribes that are not Hindu by faith. Their fears are about ‘outsiders’, irrespective of religion. 

Buddhist minority called ‘Chakma’ has been persecuted in Muslim dominated Bangladesh and they migrated to the neighbouring states of North East India. However, the influx of illegal migrants, Rohingya from Rakhine state of Burma due to the religious persecution there, puts more kerosene to the fire. 

The locals fear that the outsiders would take over their land in a short span of time. 

Nevertheless, CAB is in favour of Buddhist migrated minority from Bangladesh as well as Hindus from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan...but it also seen a religious discrimination against Muslim and impacts North East States identity, cultural and traditions due to fear of demographic change.

The following are the video clips in a playlist in which JNU students voiced their opposition to CAB. The playlist includes protest march by JNUSU, North East Students' Forum in JNU, and Muslim students in JNU.

Please watch the videos:

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