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Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Studies PhD scholarship, United Kingdom

Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Studies PhD scholarship.

Edinburgh Buddhist Studies network, University of Edinburgh, invites applications for a new PhD scholarship in Buddhist Studies.

The scholarship is to the value of 25,000 USD per year, for a maximum of four years, for PhD study beginning in either September 2020 or January 2021.

Application deadline: 14 June 2020, 22:00 GMT.

Funded by the Khyentse Foundation. 

Why study here?

Edinburgh Buddhist Studies is a growing research community. The successful applicant will have at least two supervisors, and these can be from different schools. Language training is available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Sanskrit and Pāli supervision is also available on an ad hoc basis. 

PhD students in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences have access to world-class library facilities, student research funds for archive/fieldwork/conference trips, and extensive skills training. You would have the chance to audit taught courses at undergraduate and masters level where these would enhance your research, or to participate in PhD-level reading groups. Research students are encouraged to participate in our rich array of events and activities, including works-in-progress workshops and round-table discussions with visiting scholars.

The scholarship is to the value of 25,000 USD per year, for a maximum of four years, subject to satisfactory progress reports each year. The money can be used towards fees and/or living costs as the student chooses.


In order to qualify for the scholarship competition, applicants must receive an offer of place to study for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, for a project in the field of Buddhist Studies.

Applicants for a PhD should have at least a 2:1 honours degree with a mark of at least 65% in a relevant subject, and typically a specialist masters degree with a high level of attainment (at least 67% in both coursework and dissertation), or their international equivalents. You should also have academic training in the area of your research project.

Applications for the scholarship will be assessed by the steering committee of the Edinburgh Buddhist Studies network, according to three main criteria:
the qualities of the applicant (qualifications/experience; preparedness for the proposed study)
the qualities of the research project (coherence, originality, significance)
the extent to which the project fits the expertise of the supervisors available and the research environment in Edinburgh.


To apply for this scholarship, please visit: Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Studies PhD scholarship

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