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Feeling Missing: Is there a magical moment in life?

*Once upon a time in Shimla. Oh, Lala! I’m free!

In a narrowly defined meaning, a magical moment is that when something good happens even if you don’t expect it to happen. Due to the fact that there’s no sufficient cause for it to happen; you don’t think it’ll happen anyway. But at one point in time, it suddenly happens. Question is how do you feel? You must be feeling so excited and elevated to welcome the extraordinary momentum.

In this sense, the magical moment is rare (relatively like snowfalls in Shimla or chilling in Cambodia today), and one who is but waiting for it may be insane. It’s easier for him to let thing be than to want it to be. On the other hand, the magical moment is perhaps a self-creation as a consoling pat on the back of a sobbing fellow in order to relieve him of the disappointment of the present moment. 

Therefore, the magical moment is a day-dream; it’s won’t happen in reality. So what to do? Should he be waiting for the magical moment or moving forwards? Let the time decide what the answer should be. 

Anyway, I’m still waiting for such a magical moment, however, in two ways, something old in the past and something new in the foreseeable future to happen. Either one happening is, by my definition, a magical moment. That’s the way out of sobbing. Smart na? You’re what you think (eat and drink).

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