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Feeling Silly: Regret and Restart

*Once upon a time in Kufri Hill Station (Shimla) Yeh! I’m free!

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes to him/herself or to others at some points in time. When you accepted that you’ve made mistakes and felt regret (soka) about what you’ve done and you’re ready to restart a new beginning, you deserve another chance to be committed in doing the right things. 'Regret' is a feeling of sorry, disappointment, distressing or remorse about what you’ve done wrong. Here 'restart' means ‘to reform oneself’ by refraining from committing the same mistakes.

Life is often an adventure full of 'regret and restart' before you could/couldn’t reach the destination (pleasures and happiness). Life is just like riding a horse (here for the first time) on a rough, narrow road from the foothill towards the snow points (destination). 

Along the road, you felt fun and frustrated at the same time since you couldn’t control the horse - it might jump or run or someone teasing it. You might also feel regret that you shouldn’t be on horseback from the first place. It was a mistake. But then you slowly arrived at the destination where the snowfalls whitewashed the earth surface and kept falling to become a sea of snow. All you could feel was pleasures and joyfulness.

However, happiness can be a process rather than a destination. Happiness is in everyday life if you can find it or make it. It’s in your mind and how you interpret things. Then it goes back to my previous post.

Warning: don’t read it seriously or give any quick praise for the text. Lol

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