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Feeling Thoughtful: Lure yourself to be happy

*Once upon a time in Kashmir. Woohoo! I’m free!

If you can’t be happy with the present, search for the point of time when you were happy in the past and make the best of it until your present turns into your favour or think of the bright future. Being happy or not happy is dependent exclusively upon the way you think and conditions influencing it. You’re the master of your own joy or sorrow. 

It gonna be fine, fast and recovering brightly in a new day when the sun shines again from the east. Sukha (satisfaction) and dukkha (dissatisfaction) are the innate elements of life. Sometimes, you’re happy, the others not and vice versa. No one can ever completely escape from this fundamental truth of life. But only one who understands this nature of life and lives with it can find a peace of mind and the truth of life.

When you face the bad days, lure yourself to be happy with the positive thoughts and a new future you gonna build up as if there were a million of friends surrounding you who could offer affectionate care, love and ideas to console you even though you’re alone. Everything will be alright; everything will be just fine again in a new form, if not the same old one. 

Time will heal the sorrow, sadness and pains. These are just a temporary state of mind you’ve undergone in the days when dukkha has the power to influence it. Fight with it until sukha prevails. A wonderful day is ahead awaiting you to grab it in the garden of life and love where plenty of beautiful flowers are blooming, instilling an exhausted man with energy to move on in his life journey.

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