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My Top Secret Story in Guwahati

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I have some secret story to be unfolded about this trip to Guwahati, Assam, three years ago. I met two other colleagues and three of us were supposed to be the interpreters for Ministers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar during the Advantage Assam, sort of business/tourism exhibition showcasing the potential of the state. 

One of my colleagues was from Myanmar and another from Tamil Nadu who knows Laos.
We were just like '3 Idiots' in a famous Bollywood film. We were given a special card that could access to every store and tent. We did enjoy the moment. We wore Blaser looking handsome, not less than bodyguards for the PM. At the same time, we felt nervous about our task as interpreters in such an international event which was inaugurated by the Indian PM in the morning a day ago. We were novices to that task.

As the time came, I, perhaps, was the first one to enter the interpretation booth about 100 metres from the stage, turned the mic on in red and was haft ready haft nervous at the same time to command the task. To remember the moment, I asked one of my colleagues to click some photos of me while in action. Then, Cambodian minister of tourism started his address...but it was already in English, no Khmer. I was sitting still for a while. "Oh, yeah! what's a relief!", I felt. 

My two colleagues also were in the same situation that we didn't have to do anything; addresses were all in prescripted English. We were prepared and nervous for nothing. However, we did enjoy the rest of the moment taking a lot of photos before we departed to our respective place. More photos posted may appear tomorrow as a reminder. We hoped to gain some experience from that; one of my colleagues even whispered if we could get a certificate, though we didn't interpret anything.

This is what I posted on my Facebook profile a day before I left for Guwahati: "Accepted a big task which would be a test of my English proficiency. No risk no rise! #Interpreter"

The End

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